Tripadvisor To Launch Chinese Language Website

After about six month's preparation, the vertical tourism comment website Tripadvisor will formally launch its Chinese language website in Mid-April.

Called Daodaowang, the new website will feature more Chinese domestic characteristics and not purely be a Chinese language website.

According to Wu Hao, the general manager of Daodaowang, the new website will mimic the business pattern of Tripadvisor and try to create a portal of travelers' comments differing from Chinese websites such Ctrip which mainly focus on travel news. Wu added that they will have a special way of dealing with false comments or vicious comments posted online. He says it is not an easy job for them to do these in China since the existing language and comments of Tripadvisor are not so acceptable for Chinese netizens and they have to try to translate part of them into Chinese.

It is understood that the Daodaowang website has not made any plans to copy Tripadvisor's profit-making pattern.

During years of development in the United States, Tripadvisor has set up branches in Britain, Germany, France, Spain and Japan. Before coming to China, it entered Indian market in August 2008.