Taiwan Offers In-depth Travel Service For Mainland Tourists

Yao Ta Kuang, the chairman of the Travel Agent Association of Taiwan, has disclosed to the media that Taiwan travel agents are making efforts to launch in-depth travel services in Chinese mainland to enable mainland tourists to fully understand Taiwan.

According to Yao, about 80% of mainland tourists choose a circular island tour when they come to Taiwan, in the future but time-share and area-share travel will be the travel trend for mainland tourists.

It is learned that since late of 2008 when direct transportation was launched between Taiwan and Chinese mainland, the number of Chinese tourists visiting Taiwan increased threefold. Statistics from TAAT show that a total of 130,000 Chinese mainland tourists have visited Taiwan since Taiwan opened its market to the mainland.

Under the in-depth travel service, Taiwan's tourism resource is divided into areas, namely, northern area, middle area and western area, so the tourists may have a deeper understanding of Taiwan.