Tibet Tourism Resumed On April 5

Ba Zhu, director of Tibetan Tourism Bureau, has disclosed to the local media that Lhasa in Tibet resumed receiving tourists on April 5 and it will receive about one hundred overseas tour groups in early April.

At a press conference organized by China's State Council Information Office, Ba Zhu said that Tibet warmly welcome tourists from all over the world. He added that the main reason the region suspended visits from overseas tourists in March was safety concerns. He disclosed that Tibet has resumed receiving tourists from April 5, and to date, about 100 overseas tour groups have registered to visit Lhasa.

Tourism has become one of the most important industries for Tibet. In 2007 the region received 4.02 million tourists and tourism income accounted for 14% of its total GDP. In 2008, the region received more than 2.24 million tourists and achieved a total tourism income of CNY2.26 billion.