7 Days Inn Launches Clean Towel Package Service

Chinese budget hotel chain 7 Days Inn has taken the lead in launching a clean towel package service.

The hotel aims to provide clean towels to customers by enclosing disinfected towels in a package to prevent further contamination.

Han Qiaofan, a senior operations director of 7 Days Inn, stated that the new service is another major measure taken by the company to meet customer's demand, and it will make customers feel safe when using the towels provided at their hotels.

It is learned that 7 Days Inn has begun to cooperate with qualified laundry companies in cities across the country and has these companies wash, package, and deliver their towels and bedding using its in-house IT system.

According to a report released by China Budget Hotel Web, customers have great concerns over the bathing articles of hotels and as one of the main bathing products, the cleanness and comfort of towels have received most attention.