State Council Regulations For Management Of China's Airports

China's State Council has published Regulations On The Management Of Civil Airport, specifying the obligations of airport management bodies.

The regulations state that airport management bodies should sign written agreements with air transport enterprises and other units at the airport to define each other's rights and obligations for operations, management, and in the event of flight delay and other situations. An information sharing mechanism should be set up by the airport management bodies, air transport enterprises and air traffic management departments to provide accurate information for passengers and cargo owners.

If there is any flight delay, management bodies should coordinate with air transport enterprises and other related units in due time and keep passengers and cargo owners informed of relevant information. Air transport enterprises and their agents should offer services in terms of related regulations and performance pledges for passengers and cargo owners. Once they fail to do so they will be punished with a fine of between CNY20,000 and CNY100,000.

Civil aviation administrative departments and airport management bodies should set up a complaint management system and should reply to complaints in writing within ten working days after the complaints are accepted.

The regulations will come into effect on July 1, 2009.