China Eastern Opens Scheduled Flight To Singapore

China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited opened a scheduled flight from Xi'an to Singapore in late April.

The flight, MU5093, is scheduled for each Thursday and Sunday using Airbus A320 aircraft. It takes off from Xi'an at 19:05, stays in Kunming for one hour and arrives at Singapore at 1:20 the next day. The return flight MU5094 takes off at 2:20 and gets to Xi'an at 8:30.

According to Luo Chaogeng, the vice president of China Eastern, the route is one of the specific initiatives of the framework agreement for strategic cooperation between Shaanxi Province and China Eastern. In the near future China Eastern will open flights to South Korea, Europe, and America to boost Shaanxi's economy.

By November 2008, Singapore had become the third largest source of foreign investment to Xi'an with the actual amount of investment reaching USD625 million. The Xi'an-Singapore flight will accelerate the economic exchanges and social development of both Xi'an and Singapore.