Sichuan To Open Earthquake Ruins Travel

News from the Sichuan Tourism Administration is that Sichuan will develop earthquake ruins tourism products to meet the great market demand while appealing to tourists to respect people in disaster areas.

During the Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, and Labor Day holiday, many tourists visited Chengdu, Wenchuan and other disaster areas.

The first batch of sites will include Dujiangyan-Mount Qingcheng, Qingcheng Outer Mountain, Cuiyue Lake, Hongkou; Bailu Town in Pengzhou, Xiaoyudong Bridge; Donghekou in Qingchuan (limited area); Dongfang Steam Turbine Factory Hanwang plant Mianzhu, Chuanxindian Chemical in Yinghua Town Shifang; Xuankou Middle School; Baihua Bridge, the cemetery for earthquake victims; Luobozhai and others.

Some tourists would laugh and play when visiting these ruins, which has greatly hurt the feelings of local people, according to Sichuan Tourism Administration. It hopes that tourists could obey the rules and respect people who have lost their homes and families.