Anhui: 15 Hotels Lose Stars

According to a recently published review briefing by Anhui Provincial Tourism Administration on star-rated hotels, the total profits of 433 star-rated hotels fell last year by 6.1%, the average room rate for five-star hotels in 2008 was CNY368.7, and 15 hotels had lost their ratings.

In 2008, the average occupancy rate of all star-rated hotels was 62.02%, and the average room rate was CNY158.9.

The 15 hotels, including two in Hefei, three in Tongling; one in Chuzhou; one in Chaohu; one in Hexian, Huai'an; three in Jieshou; one in Fuyang; and three in Huangshan, have had their star grades revoked. And Longshou Hotel and Hongyun Hotel were ordered to rectify problems within a fixed period of time.