Hubei Adds Four Five-star Hotels

Information from Hubei Provincial Tourism Administration says that the National Star-rated Hotel Assessment Committee has approved four hotels to be five-star hotels in Hubei Province, increasing the total number of five-star hotels to 11.

The four hotels are Howard Johnson Pearl Plaza Wuhan, Renaissance Wuhan Hotel, Wuhan Jin Jiang International Hotel, and Jingzhou Jingwei International Hotel. Jingzhou Jingwei International Hotel is also the first five-star hotel in a prefecture-level city in Hubei.

As at this date Hubei has had 596 star-rated hotels including 11 five-star, 56 four-star, 215 three-star, 289 two-star, and 25 one-star hotels, which is the largest number in central China. According to provisional statistics, there are still 20 five-star hotels are under planning, construction or alteration, and waiting for assessment, of which nine are in prefecture-level cities.