Shenzhen Airlines Introduces Emergency Medical Aid Service

Shenzhen Airlines in conjunction with Shenzhen Aisheng Medical Assistance Service, has introduced a medical emergency aid service in commercial flights using professional medical stretchers.

According to Shenzhen Airlines, if stretcher passengers want to apply for stretcher transport themselves, they will need to call the ticket office of the airline 72 hours in advance. ID card and a diagnosis from less than 96 hours before the check-in time will be required.

Passengers who choose to adopt onboard services provided by Aisheng only need to apply for this 48 hours in advance. Aisheng will apply for stretcher seats and provide the application document and the certificate showing the passenger is capable of traveling by air to Shenzhen Airlines.

Stretchers used by Shenzhen Airlines can adjust the back angle to meet the different needs of different passengers. Curtains on both sides will make a relatively independent, private and quiet space for stretcher passengers without impacting other passengers in the cabin.