Coastal Cities In Liaoning Form Tourism Consortium

The six coastal cities from Liaoning province — Huludao, Jinzhou, Panjin, Yingkou, Dalian, and Dandong — have signed the Dandong Declaration to announce the establishment of the Six Coastal Cities Tourism Consortium.

Tourism administrative departments of the six cities will strive to break geographical boundaries and create a golden coastal tourism zone. Tourism enterprises in the six cities will be encouraged to cooperate with each other by acquisition, equity participation, and leasing. Travel agencies, hotels and scenic spots will be encouraged to set up business partnerships.

Preferential policies will also be made to ensure tourists and tour groups enjoy the same benefits as local tourists. The consortium will set up a handling mechanism for travel emergencies and a complaint handling hotline for tourists.

The member cities of the consortium have eight national nature reserves, five provincial reserves, and 140 tourist attractions.