SAS Announces Better Connections From China To Northern Europe

A new partnership between CPH, Copenhagen's airport, and SAS has reduced the minimum connection time at Copenhagen from 40 to 30 minutes means that SAS can offer more and quicker connections from China to Scandinavia.

Additionally, luggage handling will improve and become even more effective, while SAS flights will have a dedicated gate area at Copenhagen airport.

SAS now offers quicker and smoother connections to Stockholm, London and other destinations in Northern Europe such as Paris and Dusseldorf. With the shortened minimum connection time, travel time can be reduced by up to 2 hours and 35 minutes.

Lars Olofsson, the general manager of SAS for Greater China, Korea and Mongolia, commented that for China travelers, this means they can reach their destination much quicker, without having stress caused by the airport. He added that SAS always strives to offer its customers time-efficient and hassle-free travel, and it can now offer those connecting via Copenhagen one of the smoothest and quickest transfer points in the whole world.

Besides providing convenient transfer connections, SAS also offers travelers extended access to and from China with daily flights between China and Scandinavia from its hub in Beijing. On top of this, SAS offers same fare connections from 34 domestic destinations in China, making travel between Scandinavia, Northern Europe and China more accessible.