Ctrip.com Mines The Travel And Vacation Market

Online travel service provider Ctrip.com has announced it has reorganized its vacation department to a travel and vacation department to further exploit the Chinese travel and vacation market.

Guo Dongjie, the vice president of Ctrip.com, said that the recently-promulgated "View on Accelerating Development of Tourism Industry" has greatly improved the status of the tourism industry in China and it has pointed out the direction for the future development of tourism enterprises. As the leader in the Chinese online travel sector, Ctrip.com will focus more on mass tourism while maintaining its competitive advantages in business travel and the medium and high-end vacation businesses.

Guo also said that Ctrip.com will introduce more diversified tourist routes to meet the needs of different groups of people and will make tourist destinations in more areas inside and outside of China. He compared the move to a change from boutiques and specialty stores to warehouse markets.