Hilton Appoints Jacopin General Manager In Chongqing

Jean-Philippe Jacopin has been appointed as the general manager of Hilton Chongqing and Hilton Chongqing Nanshan Resort & Spa.

From a family of hoteliers, Jacopin is a veteran of the hospitality industry with more than 25 years experience. After working in Switzerland for 12 years in several gastronomic restaurants. He joined Hilton in 1990 as a food and beverage management trainee at the Noga Hilton Geneva and since then he has held a series of posts with Hilton in the UK and Asia. In 2007, Jacopin was appointed general manager of the Hilton Namhae Golf & Spa Resort in South Korea. He has a Swiss Hotel Industry Masters and is a graduate from Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration in the USA. He is fluent in French and English, and he has a good knowledge of Italian.