Guangzhou To Set Up Tourism Promotion Center In South Korea

The Tourism Administration of Guangzhou Municipality has reached a cooperation agreement with the Tourism Promotion Organization for Asia-Pacific Cities in Guangzhou, saying that it will set up Guangzhou Tourism Promotion Center in Busan of South Korea in April 2010.

Guangzhou Tourism Promotion Center (Busan, South Korea) will be the third overseas promotion agency for Guangzhou following promotion centers in Australia and Tokyo.

According to the tourist administration South Korea has become a major tourist source market of Guangzhou. In 2009, 60,400 South Korean tourists visited Guangzhou, ranking them in fourth position among inbound tourists to Guangzhou. The new promotion center will focus on publicizing the 16th Asian Games, which are being held in November 2010, to attract more tourists to Guangzhou.

According to the agreement, the TPO Secretariat will make the most of its operating system covering 25 member cities in South Korea and 65 member cities in Asia-Pacific region, its media network of websites, magazines and e-papers, and its cooperation with local tourism industry, to help Guangzhou Tourism Promotion Center (Busan, South Korea) in promotion, information services, organizing activities, and media publicity.