Zhanjiang Invests CNY9 Billion To Build Leiqiong Tourism Industrial Zone

Zhanjiang in Guangdong province is to spend CNY9 billion to build the Leiqiong Tourism Industrial Zone that will include 24 projects with investments of over CNY20 million each, and 15 with investment greater than CNY100 million each.

Officials from Zhanjiang's tourism administrative department said the Leiqiong Tourism Industrial Zone includes five-star hotels, a yacht club, the development of uninhabited islands, the Kangqisai Happy World Tourism Area, and the Han Dynasty Sandun Tourism Area.

Of the projects included in the tourism industrial zone, five five-star hotels in downtown Zhanjiang are under construction and will open in 2010 or 2011; the Vacation Te Cheng resort will get an investment of CNY500 million over the next three years for further development; and Kangqisai Happy World Tourism Area, with a total investment of CNY1.5 billion, will have water park and agricultural tourism industrial park.

Ruan Risheng, the mayor of Zhanjiang, said the government will establish and implement a Zhanjiang Tourism Industry Development Plan to focus on the construction of 14 key tourism projects including Huguangyan Hot Spring Resort, Xiashan Fisherman's Wharf and the European Style Street.