The Lalu Enters Mainland China

Construction has started on The Lalu Qingdao, a USD1 billion investment by the Taiwan Shining Group.

Lai Cheng-I, the president of the Taiwanese real estate development enterprise Shining Group, local local media that the design of The Lalu Qingdao is based on that of The Lalu Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan.

The Lalu Sun Moon Lake is a chain luxury hotels targeting high-end guests. Shining Group plans to develop a chain of 100 hotels worldwide and build 30 super-star hotels on the Chinese mainland. The Lalu Qingdao is the first step in this global goal.

The Lalu Qingdao is located at Zhangtunzui, Huangdao District, and covers a total area of 141,500 square meters. It is planned to have 200 guest rooms including 50 independent villas. Like The Lalu Sun Moon Lake the hotel in Qingdao will ensure each sea view for each guest room.

Lai revealed the hotel is expected to open in March 2012, and the price for a standard suite will be at least USD350 per night.