Taiwan Strait Tourism Association Sets Up Beijing Office

Local media reports that the Taiwan Strait Tourism Association Beijing office has been set up in LG Twin Towers at East Chang'an Avenue in the city's central business district.

Taiwan tourism professionals hope the Taiwan-based association and mainland-based Cross-Strait Tourism Exchange Association could discuss ways to increase the daily limit of 3,000 mainland tourists allowed to visit the island.

TSTA Beijing Office will focus on the development of the mainland tourist market for Taiwan, and will handle complaints from mainland tourists to improve quality of Taiwan's tourism. It is expected to be a direct and fast communication platform for cross-Strait tourism.

The Cross-Strait Tourism Exchange Association will reportedly open its Taipei Office on May 7, 2010. By then the two associations will be able communicate with each other directly instead of in a third location.

This is said to be the first time that the mainland and Taiwan to set up non-governmental tourism organizations in 61 years.