Hainan Launches Tourism Public Business Platform

The Hainan tourism public business platform Coco365.net has been formally launched formally in a new attempt by the Hainan tourism industry to fundamentally change its current business model.

Coco365.net was developed by Hainan Zhuowei Technologies Company and has adopted a direct sales business model, with an information publishing system, an e-commerce management system, an electronic map navigation system,a panoramic display system, a tourist community, and a customer service center system. The platform also provides online e-payment through cooperation with China UnionPay.

The Hainan International Tourism Island E-Commerce Development Seminar was held at the launch ceremony for the platform. The seminar focused on topics including "application and development of e-commerce in International Tourism Island" and discussed how to improve the service quality in Hainan's tourism industry through the development of tourism e-commerce.