Kande Hotel Inks Agreement With Lingnan Investment Group

Kande Hotel Development Company and Jingshan Lingnan Investment Group have signed the first phase of hotel management agreement.

Initially Kande Hotel will conduct specific early market research and feasibility analysis on a five-star hotel project which is part of Jingshan Hot Spring Eco Sports Park in Hubei. This is an important step in Kande's to plans to expand out of the Pearl River Delta into other parts of China.

The park now is under construction, and will have various recreational programs including golf, hot springs, a grass skating field, a children's playground, a wetland park, a glide training ground, a softball field, and a sports and leisure club. It is expected to be the largest comprehensive sports park in Hubei.

Kande now has three hotel brands, the five-star Kande International Hotel, the five-star Kande Resort, and the four-star Kande Club Hotel.