Anhui Tourism Administration Signs MOU With Anhui Post

Anhui Provincial Tourism Administration and Anhui Post have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in Hefei to fulfill the memorandum of Understanding on Enhancing Tourism-Post Cooperation signed between National Tourism Administration and China Post.

Two organizations have been in partnership for a long time. After signing the cooperation agreement, the administration and Anhui Post will further enhance their cooperation on marketing and promotion based on their former cooperation.

Hu Xuefan, the director of Anhui Tourism Administration stated that the administration will support Anhui Post in expanding areas of cooperation, developing business, and accelerating their development. He hoped that the two would deepen the content and methods of cooperation and innovating in tourism promotion and public service facility construction to make contributions to Anhui's social economy.

Meanwhile, Anhui Post will make use of its service functions of connecting politics, business and post, taking advantage of information, network, and marketing resources, to launch cooperation with Anhui's tourism departments and enterprises to promote the better and faster development of tourism industry.

According to the MOU, two sides will conduct cooperation in travel tickets, brochures, direct mail databases, and tourism stamp products. Postal enterprises of all levels will share resources with tourism departments and scenic spots, jointly developing tourism products and planning tourism festivals and promotional activities to achieve mutual benefit and win-win progress.