Traveling To A Home From Home In Beijing

Keith Hammond is a workshare manager with Worley Parsons, a global provider of technical, project, and operational support services. Based on the west coast of the USA he generally travels on business about four times a year and is currently on an assignment in Beijing. He has also taken the opportunity for leisure travel around China with his wife.

Which Chinese City has impressed you the most? And what impressed you about that city?
Xi'an: the Terracotta Warriors of course are very impressive, and so are the old city walls, which are in remarkably good condition.

Who chooses the hotels you stay at in China?
I do.

Which hotel in China has impressed you the most?
For value for money: The Oakwood Apartments in Beijing.

Please rate this hotel on a scale of 1 (very poor) to 5 (outstanding). ++++

What particularly impressed you about this hotel?
Oakwood Apartments are quite, simple with all home comforts, and the staff are very helpful and friendly. I was the first person from our group to try staying in residential apartments rather than a five-star hotel and we now have a very good relationship with the management.

What type of room do you stay in?

One bedroom suite with kitchenette.

Please rate the following factors, on a scale of 1 (very poor) to 5 (outstanding), for the hotel you chose above.

Hotel brand++++
Room reservation service+++++
Reception service+++++
Concierge ServiceNA*
Hotel security (hardware and security)+++
Elevator (size and speed)++++
Convenience of transportation to and from the hotel++++
Hotel servicesNA*
Dining (the number of restaurants/ dishes/price/service)+++
Spa and gymnasium++**
Surrounding environment+++

*Since I stay for a medium to long time I do not look for these types of hotel service

** The apartments has a small gymnasium but one needs to go to the sister property, Oakwood Residence, if one wants to use a pool and a more comprehensive gymnasium.

Do you have any other comments about this hotel?

The rooms are very fully equipped. In particular the kitchen has everything that one could possibly need to feel at home. The sales staff and management are very responsive and flexible to guests' requests. Overall I would say it is a very good choice for business people or family groups who need to stay in town for either short or long stays.

Please comment on any issues that you believe the hotel should address.

I spoke to them about several issues such as the restaurant, and the availability of daily newspapers. They responded to all these points, to the extent of taking over the restaurant which had been operated by a third party.

Please rate the hotel facilities on a scale of 1 (very poor) to 5 (outstanding)

Door lock (magnetic card/metal key)++++
Air conditioner (noise and efficiency)++++
Power points+++
Ventilation system++++
Closet/ clothes rack+++
Towels / bath robes++++
Internet access++++
Shower and/or bath tub++++
Turndown serviceNA
General noise level in the room++++
Aspect of the room (e.g. view, natural light, etc.)++++
Room size+++
Quality of TV++++
Number and type of TV channels60 (10 in English)
Bed and bedding++++
Bathroom amenities++++
Mini barNA
Decoration of the room+++
Room service+++

Please rate the hotel location on a scale of 1 (not available) to 5 (outstanding).

Bars / night clubs+++
Shopping venues++++
Historic or scenic spots+
Cultural or folkloric events+