Wei Yue On Organizing MICE Events In Beijing

Wei Yue is the marketing manager of AcrossChina Live Communication Ltd.

What kinds of events or meeting does your company have in Beijing each year? What is the scale of these activities?
Since its establishment in 1992, AcrossChina has provided publicity services to many international brands. Through 18 years of rapid and steady development, AcrossChina has now a new service model and products of marketing communication solutions integrating event publicity, online and office public relations, online and offline marketing, and advertising.

What are your criteria for choosing a suitable venue in Beijing?
Different programs on different scales require different venues. Venues should be at the events' service.

If the event or meeting is to be held in a hotel, what are the requirements?
If meetings and other activities are held in a hotel, the location of the hotel, the scale of the event, the requirement for audio and video equipments, are things to be considered. Everything being equal, the company will choose the one with better reputation, service and meeting service team.

Which hotel's meeting products and services have impressed you the most? Why?
In general service, there is no obvious difference in Beijing's hotels. Relatively speaking, service of a brand-chain hotel will be more attentive. However hotels with human services will impress guests greatly.

Please list the hotels you have used in Beijing.
Usually we would choose four-star and five-star hotels.

Which places do you recommend guests visit when they come to Beijing?
Besides the Forbidden City, Dashilan, the Bird's Nest, and Water Cube, I would also recommend local food like Za Jiang Mein in Haiwanju and the snacks sold near White Horse Temple.