Traveling To A Lagoon-Side Paradise In Sanya

Kennis So is the marketing manager for Coca-Cola in China. Her travels have taken her to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hongkong, and America.

The time when you go for a holiday (score out of five):

Annual Leave +++++
Spring Festival +
Traditional holidays +
National Day holiday +

The city that has impressed you most during your holidays: Sanya

Reasons for choosing a travel destination:

Natural environment ++++
History and culture +++
Sports programs +
Religion +
Shopping +++
Food +++
Golf +++
Rafting +++
Diving +++

Which hotel has impressed you most? Crowne Plaza Sanya

Please score each of the factors of the hotel that impressed you:

Hotel Brand ++++
Location ++++
Room Reservation Service +++
Room Rate +++
Reception Service ++++
Concierge service ++++
Hotel security ++++
Elevators +++++
Transport +++
Service guide in the hotel and its rooms +++
Wake-up service ++++
Housekeeping services ++++
Bell service ++++
Hotel catering service +++
Spa +++++
Hotel and surrounding environment ++++

Special impressions: Chinese architecture with antique flavors.Guests have direct access to lagoon pool from guest rooms.

Your comment on the hotel room:

Room type::standard (Premier Lagoon Room)
Door lock ++++
Air-conditioning ++++
Power points +++
Ventilation system ++++
Cabinet/clothes rack +++
Towels and bathrobes +++++
Internet access +++ (No computer in the room,Free broadband)
Safe ++++
Shower and Bathtub +++++
Lighting ++++
Turndown service ++++
Quietness ++++
Outlook +++++
Room size +++++
Television size and channels ++++
Newspaper +++ (Local newspaper)
Bed +++++
Sanitary facilities ++++
Mini bar +++
Work area ++++
Room decoration ++++

Special impression: Large room with comfortable bed.

Which places did you visit during you stay in the destination and which scenic spots have left you deep impressions?
The beach of Yalong Bay, very beautiful!

Please score for the destination:

Geographic environment +++++
Folk customs ++++
Transport +++
Climate ++++
Shopping +++ (No. 1 Market recommended)
Food +++ (Lemongrass Thai Restaurant recommended)
City construction +++
Cultural and Historical Relics +++