Wang Jufang Sees A Perpetual High Season For MICE In Xiamen

Wang Juefang is the general manager of Xiamen CYTS Corporation Civil Travel Center.

What advantages does your company have with regards to MICE?
The company has gained much experience through years of working on the reception of large-scale events. Xiamen CYTS Corporation has been undertaking the reception work for the Cross-Strait Youth Carnival and Cross-Strait Youth Singing Contest since 2002, making it very experienced in events related to students and youth. Besides, the CYTS League has provided advantages in branding, guest resources, and conference service network.

What do you think of Xiamen's MICE market this year?
In 2010, Xiamen's MICE industry has developed significantly, since there are more conferences of various sizes being held here. Many large corporations and famous brands have been attracted to Xiamen to hold various themed conferences and exhibitions. And conferences and exhibitions that are related to cross-Strait cultural and economic exchanges are still one characteristic in Xiamen's MICE industry.

What are your requirements If an event or meeting is to be held in a hotel?
I usually will choose a suitable hotel venue from those with whom the company has already cooperated. It should coordinate with the Xiamen CYTS Corporation for comprehensive management, service, emergency response, and flexibility. Price is of course very important too.

Please list all the hotels you have used in Xiamen.
I have used many hotels in Xiamen, including Wyndham Xiamen, Xiamen Yeohwa Hotel, Sheraton Xiamen Hotel, Seaview Resort Xiamen, Xiamen International Seaside Hotel, and Pan Pacific Xiamen Hotel. Generally those international chain hotels impress me more as they usually have a good location and the staff are of a better quality. Hotels would provide business to Xiamen CYTS Corp., instead of contacting guests directly without informing the company.

What resource advantages does Xiamen have as a MICE destination?
Xiamen's proximity to Taiwan is a unique resource. Looking over Kinmen at sea or visiting the Kinmen islands and Taiwan Island using the Little Three Links, is quite a unique experience. Xiamen is also the center city in the Minnan Golden Triangle, and it is easy to connect the natural and human resources of the Minnan and Minxi cultures with Xiamen's MICE industry, with such attractions as Tulou in Zhangzhou and Longyan, the cultural relics of Quanzhou, Mount Wuyishan, and the coastline and island resources of Fujian. These resources are rarely seen by guests from northern and inland China.

Please share with our readers the details of a creative event that your team has organized.
Events like the Cross-Strait Youth Carnival and the Cross-Strait Youth Singing Contest have the following characteristics: First, they are cross-Strait; second, participants are in complex groups; third, the contents are complicated and different venues are needed; fourth, there are VIPs attending these events; fifth, there are around 1,000 participants that will need to be booked into a range of hotels. Xiamen CYTS Corp. has made full use of social resources to serve the event, especially the support from superior administration and local governments.

What are the prospects for Xiamen's MICE business in the future?
I believe that in the future there will be several famous and influential, large-scale MICE companies in Xiamen. I also hope that the government would do more in policy making, rules and regulations, taxation, and invoice management. Then Xiamen would be a MICE city without a low season — with a perpetual high season.