Traveling For A Quality Experience In Chongqing

Jian Lin is the quality assurance director for Nan Jing Sheng Lue Technology Company. His travels in China have taken him to cities that include Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, and Chongqing.

The time when you go for a holiday (marks out of five):

Annual Leave ++++
Spring Festival +
Traditional holidays +++
National Day holiday +

The city that has impressed you most during your holidays: Chongqing

Reasons for choosing a travel destination:

Natural environment ++++
History and culture +++
Sports programs +++
Shopping +++
Food ++++
Golf ++
Rafting +++
Diving ++++
Skiing +++

Which hotel has impressed you most?

Chongqing Haiyu Hotspring Hotel ++++

Please score these factors for the hotel that impressed you:

Hotel Brand +
Location +++
Room reservation service +++
Room rate +++
Reception service +++
Air ticket and train ticket booking and purchasing +++
Visitor message +++
Doorman luggage +++
Scenic spot or other consulting service +++
Hotel security +++
Elevators +++
Transport ++++
Service guide in the hotel and its rooms +++
Wake-up service +++
Laundry, free newspaper/room maintenance +++
Concierge cars/taxi ++++
Umbrellas for rainy/snowy days +++
Hotel catering service +++
Spa ++++
Hotel and surrounding environment +++

Your comment on the hotel rooms:

Room type Standard
Door lock +++
Air-conditioning +++
Power points +++
Ventilation system +++
Closet / coat racks ++++
Towels and bathrobes ++++
Internet access +++
Safe +++
Shower and bathtub +++
Lighting +++
Turndown service ++++
Quietness/noise-proofing ++++
Outlook +++
Room size ++++
Television size and channels ++++
Newspaper +++
Bed +++
Sanitary facilities +++
Mini bar +++
Work area +++
Room decor ++++

Special impressions: The gorgeous decoration and the European style impressed me a lot. The ceiling height is quite comfortable for me, both in the lobby and in the guest rooms. The function areas of the hotel are also spacious. And its guest rooms are larger than most hotels in downtown Chongqing. The parking lot is quite large too, which is very convenient for business travelers driving a car. The hot spring with comfortable water temperature can help guests relax.

Which places did you visit during you stay in the destination and which scenic spots have left you with a deep impression?
I went to Jinyun Mountain, Jindaoxia Gorge, and also visited Southwest University. The university is very beautiful and large. I had to take a bus to visit the whole campus.

Please rate the destination for the following:

Geographic environment +++
Folk customs +++
Transportation +++
Climate ++++
Bars +++
Shopping +++
Food ++++
City layout ++++
Cultural and Historical Relics ++++