Traveling To Hong Kong For A Themed Holiday

Zhou Song is an engineer with the Beijing branch of Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Company. He tells us about his experiences when on holiday in Hong Kong.

The time when you go for a holiday (marks out of five):

Annual Leave  ++++
Spring Festival  +
Traditional holidays  +++
National Day holiday  +

The city that has impressed you most during your holidays: Hong Kong

Reasons for choosing a travel destination:

Natural environment +++++ History and culture +++
Sports programs + Religion +
Shopping +++++ Food ++++
Golf +++ Rafting +++
Diving +++ Skiing +++

Which hotel has impressed you most? Please score it (marks out of five)

Disney's Hollywood Hotel Hongkong 4.5

Please score each of these factors for the hotel that impressed you most.

Hotel Brand ++++
Location +++++
Room Reservation Service +++
Room Rate ++++
Reception Service ++++
Air ticket and train ticket booking and purchasing +++
Visitor message +++
Doorman luggage ++++
Scenic spot or other consulting service ++++
Hotel security (hardware facilities and security guard service) ++++
Elevators (the size and speed/convenience of the elevator car) +++
Transportation ++++
Service guide in the hotel and its rooms ++++
Wake-up service +++
Laundry, free newspaper/room maintenance +++
Concierge cars/taxi ++++
Tools for rainy/snowy days +++
Hotel catering service ++++
Spa +++
Hotel and surrounding environment +++++

Your comments on the hotel room:

Room type: standard

Door lock ++++
Air-conditioning ++++
Power points ++++ Ventilation system ++++
Cabinet/clothes rack +++ Towels and bathrobes ++++
Internet ++++
Safe +++ Shower and Bathtub ++++
Lighting ++++ Turndown service +++
Quietness/noise-proofing +++++
Floor/direction/natural light/scenery +++++
Room size ++++ Television size and channels ++++
Newspaper ++++
Bed ++++
Sanitary facilities ++++ Mini bar +++
Work area +++ Room decoration ++++

Do you have any comments on the hotel?
As a theme hotel at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, every detail of the hotel is in accordance with the resort, such as the Children's Area furnished with mini couches and chairs and airing Disney cartoons. The hotel is full of statues of cartoon figures and posters. The hotel rooms offer slippers with cartoon figures on them. In addition, we received a warm welcome at the lobby and all their staff greeted and smiled at us. They are very friendly. The hotel has a large garden.

What did you dislike or were unsatisfied in terms of hotel services and facilities? Would you plan to come back again for future trip?

I will definitely go back. However, the hotel still needs some improvement, such as a bigger bathroom and bathtub. In addition, the facilities in the bathroom are a little bit outdated.

Which places did you visit during you stay in the destination and which scenic spots have left you with a deep impressions?
Disneyland, Ocean Park Hong Kong, tax-free stores, Temple Street, and The Avenue of Stars.

Please score for the destination:

Geographic environment +++++ Folk custom +++
Transportation ++++ Climate ++++
Bars +++
Shopping +++++ Food ++++
City layout +++ Cultural and Historical Relics +++