Hefei To Have 23 Five-Star Hotels Within Three Years

The municipal government of Hefei, the capital of Anhui province, has said it plans to add more than 10 five-star hotels within the next three years, increasing the number of five-star hotels in the city to 23.

According to its 12th five-year plan, Hefei is expecting to receive 600,000 overseas visitors and 60 million domestic visitors each year. Its tourism income is expected to reach CNY60 billion, accounting for 10% of the city's GDP.

Over the last five years, Hefei has attracted several global hotel brands — including Hilton, Shangri-La, Century Golden Resources, and Westin — and the number of five-star hotels in the city has doubled. The city now has 12 five-star hotels under construction, with a total investment of CNY14 billion.

By the end of 2011 Heifei is expected to have 15 five-star standard hotels.