Real Five-star Hotel

Yu Zhongyi, the president of IBM Solution & Services (Shenzhen) Company Wuhan Branch Staff Club 2010, told China Hospitality News that the company usually holds annual meetings and other activities each year, and the size depends on the number of employees.

For 2011 there will be around 150 people and there will probably be 500 in 2012. Yu thinks service is the primary factor in choosing a proper venue, since good service will make participants feel warm and cozy. Transport is also very important so guests and employees can travel easily.

The company held its 150-person annual meeting in Ramada Plaza Optics Valley Wuhan not long ago, summing up 2010 and looking foreward to 2011. Yu commented that the hotel staff are very responsible and professional, and also can bring up solutions in a short time according to client's requirements. Elegant and clean, the hotel really has five-star service and facilities.

Spring and autumn are the best time to come to Wuhan, said Yu. East Lake is a must-go place, so is Hubu Lane where guests can enjoy various local foods. The HSR has connected Wuhan to other regions more conveniently, said Yu, and there will be another option for the company's staff traveling to Beijing for business when the Wuhan-Beijing HSR is open.