Hotels Support Company's Environmental Protection Philosophy

Tian Yuanjun is the administration officer of Wuhan Vanke Company.

She says the company usually holds three types of activities in Wuhan, real estate investor conferences with 120-150 people, customers appreciation dinners for 150-180 people, and company annual meetings with around 400 people.

Tian says the venue for each event is carefully chosen after comparing alternative offerings. Location is the first factor, and then the size, ceiling height, decoration, and, finally, the price.

The company has used Shangri-La Hotel Wuhan, Ramada Plaza Optics Valley Wuhan, and Marco Polo Wuhan. Tian said she found the meeting service of Ramada Plaza Optics Valley Wuhan very impressive. The hotel provides a one-stop service for large-scale meeting groups. From the initial contact, to detailed negotiations, to follow-up of meetings, and to checkout, the hotel always assigns the same meeting service personnel to handle all of these. This one-stop service can guarantee a smooth contact between hotel and client. The company held its 2010 Annual Meeting and Carnival in this hotel not long ago. More than 400 people participated in this activity. Using the LED screen and the multi-purpose audio/video player, the event became more interactive and also environmentally friendly.

What advantages will Wuhan-Guangzhou HSR and Beijing-Wuhan HSR bring to business travel?
In Tian's opinion, the HSR has made the company's business activities more convenient, as it is an alternative to air travel. The Wuhan HSR station is located near to the East Third Ring Road and it is easy to get to Hankou and Wuchang: especially East Lake and Optics Valley.

Tian Yuanjun has introduced every aspect of Wuhan to business travelers. The rivers divide Wuhan into three parts, Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang. For first-timers, East Lake in Wuchang is the place to enjoy the lake view and flowers; around East Lake there is Moshan, Meiyuan Garden, the botanical garden, and Wuhan University, which also are places to enjoy natural landscapes. When visiting the Yangtze River and the Han River, there is Yellow Crane Tower on the Snake Hill in Wuchang. At the north of Snake Hill there is Hubu Lane where all kinds of local foods are on offer; at the south of Snake Hill there is the Xinhai Revolution Museum. Qingchuan Pavilion on Guishan Hill in Hanyang is the place from which tourists can see the Yangtze River, Snake Hill and low Crane Tower.

Hankou is the place where tourists can shop and get the feel of the time when Wuhan was a concession. New Public Park shopping street is always at the forefront of fashion. Hankou concession has buildings in western styles, and it becomes a bar street at night. Other places like Jiqing Street and Jingwu Road are also where tourists can experience the real Wuhan.