Hotels Support Company Events In Wuhan

Xu Kai, the manager of the marketing department at LG Electronics (China) Company Wuhan Branch, says the company holds new product launch meetings and dealer assemblies for 50 to 200 people in Wuhan.

Usually the company will inspect a venue for five aspects. First, check if the venue is bright and spacious enough to accommodate all the participants. Second, check if the venue is large enough to provide a product display area. Third, check the food and beverage. Fourth, check if there are special breaks for VIPs. Fifth, check if there is person in charge of coordination of venue arrangement.

Generally speaking Wuhan's hotels can meet the requirements of various meetings and events. Xu has used hotels including the Novotel Wuhan Xinhua, Wuhan Jin Jiang International Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel Wuhan, and C Oriental Hotel Wuhan, and the former two are the mostly frequently used ones because they are close to the company and have good facilities.

The company held its 2010 Dealer Authorization and Goal Signing Conference for over 200 people in Wuhan Jin Jiang International Hotel. There was a display area with beautiful show girls to show the company's latest products. To show the company's sincerity, a welcome note with the signature of the company's general manager was been placed in each room. The hotel assisted by placing the note in a prominent position in each reserved hotel room. It also allowed the company to arrange the meeting venue one day in advance. The hotel had assigned people to follow up lighting and other things during the meeting. In addition, there were obvious marks and signs to guide the guests in the lobby, the entrance of the meeting area and rest area, and in outdoor spaces.

Xu said Wuhan is a city having a long history that is worth visiting. The 1911 Revolution Museum, East Lake, Hubei Museum, Hubu Lane, and Hankou River Beach are definitely on the must-see list. Local food like hot dry noodles is something you don't want to miss. The high-speed rail link is very good news for the company, said Xu. When the Beijing to Wuhan HSR opens by then end of 2011, there will be a new choice for staff to travel to Beijing where the company's headquarters is in.