Wuhan Hotels Should Provide A Customized Service

Sui Qun, the chairman of Wuhan Riverbend Properties Consultancy, holds year-end summary meetings with 30 to 40 participants and year-end customer appreciation meetings with 150 to 200 people every year.

Sui sais the company would usually choose a spacious venue with only a few pillars and providing customized services to clients. Hotels that the company has used include Shangri-La Hotel Wuhan, Renaissance Wuhan Hotel, Novotel Wuhan Xinhua, New World Wuhan Hotel, and Ramada Plaza Optics Valley. She expressed her satisfaction with New World Wuhan Hotel's professional meeting facilities and service. In January 2011, the company held its year-end dinner party in Holiday Hotel Tianan Wuhan City Center. Though the facilities were a little bit old, but the event was quite successful and creative. She hopes hotels could provide some customized service based on client's requirements.

East Lake, Hubei Provincial Museum, Hubei Museum of Art, are the places Sui recommends to business travelers to spend their leisure time after work. Hubu Lane and Jiqing Street are the must-see places to enjoy authentic local food.

Sui loves Beijing very much. When the Beijing to Wuhan HSR opens, it will be much easier for her to go to Beijing at the weekend. The company also offers training opportunities to employees. The HSR will make communication more convenient, and the company will consider expanding its business to Beijing and other cities.