Long-term Cooperation With Hotels In Chongqing

Chen Yi works at China Mobile Group Chongqing Company Limited Logistics Service meeting support. Her department is in charge of all the meetings and receptions of the Chongqing Branch and the group's meetings held in Chongqing. Sizes of the meetings vary from 20 people to 300 people.

Service is most important aspect Chen looks for in a hotel. Next are the size and height of meeting venues, price, and location. The company has used many hotels in the city, including Chongqing Jinke Grand Hotel, Grand Metropark Hotel Chongqing, Chongqing Jin Jiang Oriental Hotel, Empark Grand Hotel Chongqing, and King World Hotel Chongqing.

The company has maintained a long-term cooperation with Grand Metropark Hotel Chongqing. This hotel has good hardware and good service that can meet the demands of various meetings. In November 2010, the Seventh GoTone Golf Club National Championship was held in Grand Metropark Hotel Chongqing, and 260 people attended this event, including VIP GoTone customers from all over China. The understanding between the company and the hotel facilitated this cooperation. The hotel attached great importance to this event, and the management team has proposed a detailed personalized plan. The whole event was a big success thanks to the attentive service of hotel staff.

Chongqing has unique red tourism resources, says Chen Yi . Baigongguan, Zhazidong, and Hongyan Village are places to for a red tour. Ciqikou, Hongya Cave are places to feel the attraction of an old Chongqing. Hot pot, Mihuatang, Hechuan peach slices, and Chen's fried dough twist are the delicious things one would not want to miss in Chongqing.