Three Million Mainland Tourists For Taiwan In 2015

The latest statistics from Taiwan Tourism Bureau show that in 2010 outbound tourists made 5.56 visits to Taiwan, creating TWD254 billion of foreign exchange earnings.

Of these mainland Chinese tourists contributed 1.63 million visits in 2010, accounting for 30% or so of all outbound tourists — an increase of 73.5% over 2009.

Taiwan's transportation and communication authorities estimate that by 2015 mainland tourists will make three million visits to the island each year. The number of tourist hotels in Taipei has been increased from 33 in 2008 to the current 29, and their occupancy rate is over 70%.

Gary Wang, the president of Taipei Chamber of Commerce, suggests Taipei city government implement a quality travel service certification and build a sightseeing shopping street — in order to make Taipei the most attractive destination in Taiwan for mainland tourists.