Hainan Signs Tourism Cooperation Memo In London

The Hainan Tourism Bureau has signed a multi-destination tourism cooperation memo with the China National Tourist Office, London, the Hong Kong Tourist Office, London, and Cathay Pacific Airways in London as well as a cooperation agreement of developing and promoting the itinerary London-Hong Kong-Sanya.

Zhang Zhiping, vice director of Hainan Tourism Bureau said at the signing ceremony that to promote the multi-destination itinerary London-Hong Kong-Sanya will take advantage of rich tourism resources, safe social environment, and good service with low prices in Hainan, combining spending a holiday in Hainan and shopping in Hong Kong: to build Hainan into an international tour island.

After negotiations, the four parties decided to jointly build, organize and promote the itinerary London-Hong Kong-Sanya.

Under terms of the agreement, the four parties will extend the model of multiple destinations to other hot tour cities in the future to encourage the fast and healthy development of the UK outbound tour market to China.