CAAC: Travelers' Luggage Will Be Limited From May

Civil Aviation Administration of China says that from May 1, the number of luggage taken by passengers on Chinese domestic flights will be limited to ensure aviation safety.

According to CAAC, each passenger in the first class cabins of airliners is allowed to take two pieces of articles and passengers in both the business class and economy class can only bring one article with them when boarding flights. Each of the articles the passengers take must not be more than 20 centimeters long, 40 centimeters wide and 55 centimeters high, and their total weight must not be over 5 kilograms.

CAAC says passengers should consign their luggage whose quantity, size and weight are more than the above figures in advance so they won't be delayed in taking a flight.

On April 7, CAAC also issued a ban on lighters and matches being carried on board civil aircraft.