Sichuan Travel Association Lends Hand To Earthquake Area

After the earthquake hit Sichuan on May 12, Sichuan Travel Association has issued a proposal to its members as well as provincial travel associations across the country, calling on them to lend a hand to the earthquake area.

On May 15, STA convened eight tourism sub-associations and the Chengdu Municipal Travel Association for an earthquake relief meeting, asking each of its affiliates and members to stick to their posts and serve the people for the earthquake relief.

At the meeting, the hotel sub-association and the female general manager sub-association of STA suggested that free rooms be provided to family members of tourists who died in the earthquake. As a result of the latter two's mobilization, 27 hotels in Sichuan are now providing about 270 rooms free of charge each night for those unfortunate family members.

The 27 hotels are: Sichuan Xinhua International Hotel, Yufu Hot Springs Hotel, Chengdu Water Hotel, Jinhe Hotel, Zhufeng Hotel, Runbang International Hotel, Chengdu Hotel, Chengdu Tibet Hotel, Sichuan Hotel, Chengdu Hanwen Hotel, Yuxiuyuan Hotel, Sichuan Binjiang Hotel, Chengdu Babao Hotel, Chengdu Huanglong Hotel, Chengdu Jianzhong Hotel, Chengdu Minshan Hotel, Chengdu Hehuayuan Hotel, Chengdu Baihuayuan Village Hotel, Chengdu Hengde Hotel, Chengdu Dianzi Keda Hotel, Chengdu Shulan Hotel, Chengdu Qianxiyuan Hotel, Sichuan Chuanying Hotel, Chengdu Tianfu Yangguang Hotel, Chengdu Tianren Hotel, Chengdu Zhengxi Hotel and Chengdu Didian Hotel.