The Challenge Of Managing A Diverse Chinese Organization

Elton LiElton Li, president of Powealth Group, has more than 20 years of hospitality experience. He is in charge of the whole management and operation of the group including the pre-opening of three five-star hotels.

Li's background is working with international hotel groups, independent hotels, and in private enterprise. The Powealth International Holding Group comprises a range of enterprises including Powealth Dining chain, Powealth Food & Beverage Nationwide chain management, Powealth Recreation Home management, and the Powealth Hotel Chain. A new addition to the group's portfolio — the Royal King Hotel, which is close to the venue for the Beijing Olympic Games — opens soon.

What are the challenges you face when managing a diverse organization such as Powealth Group?

Firstly, how to democratize the major decisions of the corporation and how to implement the decentralization of decision execution. Then how to progress the common survival and development of the enterprise and employees on the current basis. Finally how to integrate various resources effectively, continuously improve the benefits to the group, and to reduce the cost of managing the enterprise so as to let customers enjoy better services at lower prices.

What factors do you take into account when looking for new investments?
First of all the potential for profit and development. Any investment aims at gaining profits, so the prospect of the profit and development of a project must be the overriding factor.

Then one must consider whether the actual condition of the investment including the funds, human resources, and whether there is a proper match with the main businesses of the corporation.

What would you consider to be the unique advantages of the Royal King Hotel.
Its regional advantage — it is the first five star hotel equipped with super catering, amusement and parking facilities in the local area. The hotel is only three kilometers away from the main Olympic meeting place, neighboring famous universities like Peking University and Tsinghua University and adjacent to main line of the Northern Ring 4 Road, with quite convenient traffic.

Its facilities. The hotel is equipped with 476 luxurious guest rooms, catering facilities (a western restaurant of about 5,000 square meters; Fu's Delicious Food Exhibition, a large banqueting hall, Shanzheng Japanese Food, Seven Days and Seven Nights Arab Restaurant, Delicious Korean Food, amusement facilities (the Hualihui Night Club, covering more than 10,000 square meters with 108 private rooms, luxurious duplex private rooms, etc.), a 3,300 square meter fitness center, and a super large parking area (with about 1,000 parking spaces).

The price. The focus of Powealth International Holding Group is on benefiting the consumers by means of highly efficient management methods through constant reduction of the enterprise costs. We will try our best to allow consumers to enjoy high quality services at lower prices.

The resources of the enterprise itself. Powealth (Enterprise) Group has been well praised and recognized by all circles of the society, and it has close to a million VIP members in more than ten cities. The customer group of the enterprise itself will give strong business support for the Royal King International Hotel.

What corporate social responsibility initiatives does the Powealth group undertake?
The development of Powealth involves great support from all circles of the society and a deep love for its consumers. Powealth has consistently assumed the social responsibilities of the enterprise since its beginnings, such as providing money to support charities caring for the society and also supporting the students in depressed areas and supporting regional education. Following the recent earthquake disaster in Wenchuan County in Sichuan, our enterprise and staff immediately organized various donation activities – the first donations exceeded CNY500,000.

Our enterprise set up the Powealth Loving Care Foundation with a fund of CNY5,000,000. This fund will be used for long-term donations to and cooperation with designed charities, support to the students in domestic depressed areas in accomplishing their schoolwork, and also the help in solving special personal difficulties of staff in the enterprise.

What are your personal hobbies?
As for my personal way of traveling, I like going out to spend a holiday with my wife and completely relax myself. Sometimes I will go out with several friends of mine to golf, which is also a good choice.