Shijiazhuang Airport Opens Two New Routes To Inner Mongolia

Shijiazhuang airport has been renamed Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport with the approval of the Civil Aviation Administration of China and has opened two new routes to Inner Mongolia.

The Shijiazhuang-Huhhot-Hailar route launched by China Eastern Airlines is operated using Boeing 737 aircraft. There are three flights a week on the route. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, the flight start from Shijiazhuang at 08:30, stopping at Hohhot at 09:20, then departs from Huhhot at 10:10, arriving at Hailar at 12:10; the return flight departs from Hailar at 13:00, stopping at Huhhot at 15:10, then leaves from Hohhot at 16:00, arriving at Shijiazhuang at 16:50.

China Southern Airlines has opened the Shenzhen-Shijiazhuang-Baotou route. There are three flights a week operated with Airbus A320 aircraft. Every Monday, Thursday and Saturday, the flight starts from Shenzhen at 09:45, stopping at Shijiazhuang then departs from Shijiazhuang at 13:05, and arriving at Baotou at 14:05. The return flight leaves from Baotou at 14:45, stopping at Shijiazhuang at 15:45, then arrives at Shenzhen at 19:05.