Number Of Chinese Outbound Tourists To Increase By 12%

A report issued by MasterCard International forecasts that for the second half of 2008, the number of Chinese outbound tourists is expected to increase by 12%.

The report indicates that at the second half of this year, there will be a total of 88.3 million outbound tourists around Asia Pacific region; that from Malaysia and mainland China will account for more than a half of total number. Of these, Malaysia will have 25.2 million tourists go visiting abroad for leisure or business tours, listed as the highest around Asia Pacific region; following that, there will be 24.4 million outbound tourists from China.

In general, the number of outbound tourists in Asia Pacific region will keep rise for the second half of this year, due to global credit crunch not affecting fixed income and employment rate in the region and high inflation not causing price rising of air ticket and room rates.