CAAC Reminds Tourists To Australia Of New Rules For Taking Liquids On Flights

According to the aviation security measures of the Australian government, and with immediate effect, all Chinese travelers are required to follow the rules for taking liquids on flights into Australia.

The rules stipulated that only four kinds of liquids can be carried on flights into Australia: duty free items that are bought in the departure sterile area prior to boarding the aircraft and can only be picked-up at the departure gate; liquid items that are sold or offered onboard; liquids that are allowed to be carried on after the security checks, with no single container no greater than 100 ml,and must be put in a resealable transparent plastic bag with a capacity of less than one litre; and infant dairy products or liquid medicines.

With the exception of these liquids, no other liquid materials may be taken on board. The Civil Aviation Administration of China requires all airports and airlines around the country to remind the passengers traveling to Australia of these rules. And CAAC said that passengers on international flights to Australia should still follow the rules issued by CAAC on 2007 when undergoing the security checks.