Ctrip Launches Carbon Offset Program In China

To help in the fight against global warming and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Ctrip.com has announced that it has launched a carbon offset program in China.

Liu Hongbing, director of the customer service department of Ctrip, told local media that with the cooperation with environmental protection organization Shanghai Roots and Shoots, Ctrip.com has launched a program enabling travelers to participate in carbon offsets and to encouraging green travel. Ctrip is the first enterprise in the Chinese tourism industry that has launched this type of program and merged it into its core business.

When customers book air tickets through Ctrip.com they will be reminded of the carbon dioxide emissions resulting from their flights according to the miles and the number of trees that are equivalent to reducing these carbon dioxide emissions, and the website will also provided other carbon offset options. The Ctrip points can be used for redeeming saplings that Ctrip.com and Shanghai Roots and Shoots will arrange to have planted, thus enabling customers to offset the carbon dioxide emissions resulting from their trips.