Taiwan Promotes Travel Service In Mainland

The Channel Economy Scientific and Technological Cooperation Centre and Federation of Taiwan Tourism and Commerce have brought travel service providers from Taiwan to promote Taiwan travel products in Beijing.

Taiwan travel service providers say that in addition to regular sightseeing, they will offer in-depth travel and themed travel to mainland tourists.

Yao Daguang, director of FTTC, says that most of the existing Taiwan travel products are eight to 10 day trips touring around the whole Taiwan island. He said they plan to add regional travel products and offer in-depth travel based on regions in Taiwan. In addition, they will provide many a themed travel products such as honeymoon travel and coral art trips to Chinese tourists.

According to statistics from the Taiwan Strait Tourism Association, from July 18, 2008, when Taiwan was formally opened to Chinese mainland tourists to November 30, 2008, there was an average of about 300 Chinese mainland tourists traveling Taiwan each day. Yao said since the direct flights between Taiwan and mainland China were launched on December 15 2008 tourist numbers nearly trebled.