STTA Recommends Suspending Cooperation With Galaxy Tour In U.S.

Shanghai Tourism Trade Association has requested every outbound travel service provider in Shanghai to take proper care when choosing American travel service providers and to suspend cooperation with Galaxy Tour so the latter can concentrate on dealing with the traffic accidents which involved Chinese tourists near Las Vegas.

It is reported that following the January 30 traffic accident in the U.S. which resulted in seven Chinese tourists dying and 10 others injured, another Shanghai tour group was involved in a traffic accident in the United States on February 3. Fortunately, except for a minor injuries to the tour group leader and one of the tourists, the rest of the tourists are all unharmed. Galaxy Tour is said to be the local reception service provider for both tour groups.

Huang Guangrong, vice director of STTA, said that as the January 30 traffic accident had major ramifications, and the procedure for treating the injured and problems arising from the accident is complicated, they recommend that Shanghai tour groups make proper arrangements for reception partners in the United States and temporarily stop cooperating with Galaxy Tour.