Jinan Closes 18 Illegal Travel Agencies

Jinan Municipal Tourism Inspection Team has disclosed to local media that they dealt with a total of 94 illegal tourism cases in 2008 and 18 illegal travel service providers have been closed down.

The 18 travel service providers, most of which are said to be non-Jinan natives are: Shenzhen Pengyun International Travel Service, Nanjing Pacific Travel Service, Xiamen Holiday Travel Service, Zhangjiajie Kangtai Travel Service, Zhangjiajie HKCTS, Zhangjiajie China International Travel Service, China Travel Service Hunan, Guiyang Xingzheyou Travel Service, Huizhou Overseas Travel Service, Yichang Yuanda Travel Service, Furun Travel, Chengdu Jinse Zhi Lv, Nanjing Degao, Yunnan Zhaoshang, Diqiucun Jiari, Dongbei Liantianxia, Hainan Qingnian, and Beijing Xingfu Zhilv. They are charged with running travel services illegally.

In addition, Guangzhou Haopu Duotai Biology Company Jinan was given an unstated punishment for running travel services without being approved by the relevant department.