Guangdong Travel Services Focus On Female Tourists

Travel agencies in Guangdong have begun to launch themed travel products targeting women with the approach of this year's International Women's Day on March 8.

It is understood that Guang Zhi Lv, which is reported to be the largest travel service provider in Guangdong, will offer a total of 55 tailor-made travel products for women by taking advantage of the national leisure program. These products will cover a total of 15 provinces and municipalities across the country.

Considering that leisure and health preservation themed travel products with a female theme are popular with women, travel agencies are busy designing their products based on these themes. As businesses tend to offer discounts to women consumers for International Women's Day, some travel agencies say that they will combine their businesses' preferential policy for women with their products and launch brand new shopping trips, allowing women to experience the pleasure of shopping on their tours.

It is learned that eco-travel is also a highlight of this year's International Women's Day travel products.

On the International Women's Day, many businesses organize tours for their women employees as part of their incentive travel program.