Foshan Launches Three Eco-travel Routes

The Foshan Tourism Bureau in Guangdong province has launched three eco-travel routes for 2009.

The bureau is seeking to strengthen the protection of nature reserves, forest parks, marshland parks, and geoparks and so promote eco-travel to Foshan. It has also launched three eco-travel trips based on several eco-travel sites including: Chan Chengqu Nanfeng Guzao, Naihai Xiqiaoshan, and Shunde Changlu Grange.

Three routes, which are available throughout the year and last for one to two days each, are: educational tours to Naihan Xiqiaoshan-Gaoming Aiwen and drifting down the Grange-Gaoming Tenglong Valley; Changcheng Nanfeng, Guzao-Asia Arts Park, Shunde Chencun Flower World, and Shunde Changlu Grange; and Nanhai Nanguo Peach Garden, Sanshui Forest Park, Sanshui Lotus World, and drifting down the Sanshui Jiudao Valley.

In addition, Foshan has appraised 98 green hotels to fit into the eco-travel program.