Taiwan Welcomed 100,000 Tourists From Mainland China

According to Chinese media, as at March 12, 2009, Taiwan had received more than 100,000 tourists from mainland China.

The reports state that since July 18 2008, when Taiwan opened its travel market to Chinese mainland tourists, it has received 4,105 tour groups from the mainland, a total of 106,771 people.

Statistics show that there are two new features about Chinese mainland residents' travel to Taiwan. One is that there was a dramatic increase in the number of tourists in March 2009 with a daily visitor numbers reaching 1,000. The other is that a large proportion of tourists visit Taiwan via the small three direct links between Jinmen, Mazu, and the coastal cities in Fujian.

On Monday, a ship carrying 1,600 Chinese mainland tourists arrived at Keelung harbor in Taiwan, marking the first direct cruise from the mainland to the island.