Guizhou Plays Card Of Leisure Travel

China's Guizhou province aims to become a famous international leisure and vacation destination by leveraging its resources in the areas of culture, sports, ecology, and health.

Fu Yingchun, the director of Guizhou Provincial Tourism Bureau, said that the province used to only stress sightseeing tours, but now it will attach more importance to improving its travel quality, and this year it will speed up the combination of its tourism and culture to launch a range of tailor made travel products for consumers.

It is learned that Guizhou will gradually launch a series of travel products with themes such as camping, mountaineering, rock climbing, surfing, and golf, taking advantage of its unique natural features. In addition, it will support the construction of eco-travel areas such as Fanjingshan, Shibingshanmu River, and Cao Hai, pushing the construction of A-grade scenic spots, and making hot springs a feature of travel in the province.