Howard Johnson Faces The Future In Hefei With Confidence

Daniel StefanaggiDaniel Stefanaggi, the general manager of Howard Johnson Tech Center Plaza Hefei, has more than 25 years experience in the hospitality industry with posts in countries and regions including Asia, France, Polynesia, Morocco, Australia, and Indonesia.

How do you position your hotel in the market? What is your strategic plan for average RevPAR?
Howard Johnson Tech Center Plaza Hefei is the first deluxe international hotel in Hefei's National New and Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, the 24th floor hotel building located in the junction of Hi-Tech Zone, New Administrative Zone and Economic Development Zone. Strategic location and easily accessibility will make it the perfect choice for businesses travelers. With the management of Howard Johnson International, the average room rate will be a regional market leader.

What are the special features of Howard Johnson Tech Center Plaza Hefei?
Hardware: very unique five-star hotel with a luxurious and elegant Chinese Style decor. Software: warm, cozy and passionate. For us, service is not only a function but a passion. Our staff's smiling and passionate attitude will give you a warm feeling.

What do you expect the percentage composition of your guests will be?
At present, our key market are corporate, MICE and government. Since December 2008, our hotel has already successfully hosted different kinds of great business activities. All our clients have been deeply impressed by our hotel facilities and service.

What are your plans for online marketing and promotion?
As an international hotel, online marketing is an advantage of us compared with the local hotels, and also we are focus on yield, since the Internet is expanding so fast. We are participating in a variety of the group's network marketing activities, such as Wyndham Rewards program, and for the long term we cooperate with all the big booking centers all over the world.

Many large hotels are now focusing on the business development of the MICE sector. What special plans do you have for expanding the MICE market?
MICE obviously is our key market, with Hefei's economic activities and good communications with other cities, more and more exhibitions and conference will be held in the city. With the express train in operation,  it is one hour to Nanjing, two hours to Wuhan and three hours to Shanghai. More and more opportunities are coming to us.

How is corporate social responsibility reflected in your daily operations?
A good profitable enterprise should be focus on the company's culture and have a strong sense of social responsibility, we are in total agreement with this, we will actively participate in various types of social activities and organize a charity activity to embody corporate social responsibility.

How do you and your team face the post-Olympic environment in 2009 and the difficulties that result from the international financial crisis?
We are fully confident about the market in 2009, with the arrival of 2010 National Sports Congress and the rapid development of the market in Hefei, the hotel industry's rapid growth will continue.